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The Observatory's Projects

Empowerment of young migrants and refugees through innovative practices for more inclusive (post)pandemic, (post) crisis Bulgaria’ 


Funded by:

The Аctive Citizens Fund


The Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation

Leader: Chaya Koleva

Coordinator: Vanina Ninova

Participants: Anna Krasteva, Annie Raykov, Chris Dinev, Tzvetelina Naydenova, Radoslav Iliev, Albena Krasteva

Проектът“Овластяване на млади мигранти и бежанци чрез иновативни практики за по-включваща (пост) пандемична и (пост) кризисна България” се изпълнява с финансовата подкрепа в размер на 8730 евро, предоставена от Исландия, Лихтенщайн и Норвегия по линия на Финансовия механизъм на ЕИП. Основната цел на проект “Овластяване на млади мигранти и бежанци чрез иновативни практики за по-включваща (пост) пандемична и (пост) кризисна България”  е въвеждане на иновативни (нови или подобрени) методи и подходи за нуждите на уязвими групи, вкл.  обучаване на представители на уязвими групи в застъпничество за нуждите на техните общности, както и подкрепа за инициирани от тях застъпнически кампании.

Active European Citizens against Hate Speech (2020-2022)

Co-Funded by the Europe for Citizens Program of the European Union.

Coordinator - Latvian Human Rights Centre

Anna Krasteva – Principal Investigator

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the new generation of European citizens about the impact of hate speech on democratic participation and European values. Hate speech is often used as a tool to target different vulnerable groups, especially minorities, immigrants and refugees. It causes their alienation and exclusion which leads to marginalisation. Such narratives weaken democracy and strengthens positions of far right and radical right populists and Eurosceptics.

Projects: List

Team Members' Projects


Effective Practices in Education, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for the Integration of Refugee Children.

Coordinate by UAB. Horizon 2020 projects. 

Anna Krasteva, Annie Raykov, Vanina Ninova - Research Partners.

Press release - English

Press release - Bulgarian


‘Migration Impact Assessment towards Integration and Local Development in European Rural and Mountain Regions’

Horizon 2020, N 870831, 2020-23

Anna Krasteva – WP leader.

Chaya Koleva, Vanina Ninova - Research Assistants.


Europeanisation meets democracy from below: The Western Balkans on the search for new European and democratic Momentum.


Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Networks Project (621247-EPP-1-2020-1-AT-EPPJMO-NETWORK)

prof. Anna Krasteva - Research Partner

“Enhancing Digital Citizenship – Students and teachers become aware of manipulation and indoctrination in social networks”
(Erasmus+, 2018-20).
Anna Krasteva – leader of the Bulgarian team.


‘Migration, Interconnectedness, Developpement’

(DEAR, 20018-19).

Anna Krasteva – member of the team.

‘Maximizing the development impact of labor migration in Western Balkans’
(Western Balkans – EC Refrence N 2017/392832). 2018-19.
Anna Krasteva – leader of the project.

‘Evaluation of the common European asylum system under pressure and recommendations for further development’
(H2020, 2017-2019).
Anna Krasteva – leader of the Bulgarian team.

Global campus on human rights
‘Securitization and its impact on human rights: human security in time of insecurity.”
(2017 – 18)
Anna Krasteva – leader of the project.

‘Between the representation of the crisis and the crisis of representation. How crisis changed the symbolic background of European societies and identities. Implication for policies and policy making’
(H2020, 2015-2018)
Anna Krasteva – leader of the Bulgarian team.

‘e-Engagement against violence’
(call Just/2011-12/DAP/AG, 2012-14)
Anna Krasteva – leader of the Bulgarian team.

Hate-speech and Populist Othering through the Race, Age and gender Looking Glass
(Program Fundamental rights of the EC, 2013-15)
Anna Krasteva – leader of the Burlgarian team.

Mobile brains: circulation en France des migrants hautement qualifiés de l’Europe de l’Est
(Projet de la mobilité de haut niveau du gouvernement français, Septembre 2012 à la Maison des sciences de l’homme Paris Nord et à la Maison Suger (Anna Krasteva – individual project).

Е-citizenship, funded by the Ministry of science and education, Program “Ideas” Ministry of education and youth (2010 - 2012);
Anna Krasteva - leader of the project

Projects: List
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